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Why do Olive's Candles contain 0% vanillin?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Vanillin is a chemical compound that is both naturally occurring and synthetically produced, and is commonly used in flavorings, foods, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals to create the vanilla fragrance we all know. While some people enjoy this vanilla fragrance, others view it as the "vanillin villain. From triggering allergies to impacting the color of candles, Olive's Candles & Gifts has made the conscious decision to create candles without vanillin.

The fragrance oils used in Olive's Candles come from The Flaming Candle Company and are intentionally selected to contain 0% vanillin.

If you know that you have an allergy or sensitivity to vanillin, or you can't walk into a Bath & Body Works without sneezing, then I hope you try Olive's Candles. Allergies should not prohibit you from using candles to light and delight your home.

You may just end up discovering your new favorite soy wax candles!

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