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Meet Olive La Estrella: Crafting Warmth and Personalized Magic at Olive's Candles & Gifts

In the heart of Olive's Candles & Gifts lies the creative force and business acumen of Olive La Estrella, a multi-talented candle maker and visionary entrepreneur. Olive embarked on this journey in 2022, turning a cherished hobby into a flourishing business. With a master's degree in business administration and a flair for marketing and design, Olive stands as a solo-preneur, infusing every creation with a personal touch.

Olive's candle-making journey is a testament to their self-taught expertise. A lover of design and marketing, Olive seamlessly blends artistry with business savvy. For Olive, crafting has been a lifelong passion, and candle-making became a natural extension of their creativity. Olive's audacious spirit, coupled with their LGBTQ+ identity, fuels the belief that anything is achievable – a spirit that radiates through Olive's Candles & Gifts.

The inception of Olive's business was inspired by a personal struggle: allergies triggered by common vanilla-scented candles. Determined to create a solution, Olive vowed to produce clean-burning, eco-friendly candles, free from phthalates and vanillin allergens. This commitment birthed the mission to keep Olive's candles vanillin-free, offering a unique and safe olfactory experience.

Beyond candle-making, Olive finds joy in diverse interests. From web and graphic design to indulging in cozy games and spending quality time with their feline companions, Kylo and Chicken, Olive's life is a tapestry of passions.

The essence of family traditions echoes through Olive's Candles & Gifts. Rooted in the practice of sending personalized gift packages, Olive proudly continues their ancestors' legacies. Each creation is imbued with a sense of honoring the past while crafting a personalized touch for the present.

As a non-binary individual and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Olive embraces their identity and creates a welcoming environment for others. Based in Denver, Colorado, Olive eagerly anticipates engaging with the local community through upcoming events, making new connections and spreading the warmth of Olive's Candles & Gifts.

Embark on this enchanting journey with Olive, where each candle is created with intentions of abundance, and every gift is a celebration of love, warmth, and the audacity to dream. Welcome to Olive's Candles & Gifts, where the magic is not just in the candles but in the heartfelt moments they create within our community.

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